Accessorized Deva Cake

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About Us

"Bake me a Cake" is ran by Texas Adams and Rachel Dunn...The Cakers!

As a young teen I (Texas) was a nanny for a dear family. The mom began to make cakes for a local battered woman's shelter. She saw my interest in her endeavors and recruited my help, bought me a cake decorating tool kit and gave me a gift card to take the beginners Wilton Cake Decorating class. Her early efforts not only inspired me but they developed into a national charity.

From this beginning I began to take more classes and to make cakes for family and friends. Cake decorating is twice as fun when there are two of you so I recruited the help of my sister Rachel. She in turn began to make cakes for her friends and recruited my help. In mid 2010 we joined efforts and launched our business, Bake Me a Cake.

We pride ourselves on making custom cakes and cupcakes that not only look amazing but taste amazing.


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